Best Practices

As a matter of corporate philosophy, Encore is committed to intelligent environmental policies and practices. Standard recycling procedures and ecologically sensible policies and practices have been implemented throughout all aspects of our operations/facilities, and as it relates to new product development and project management. Additionally, we insist on a similar operational philosophy from our vendor-partners

In accordance with our ongoing efforts to develop and manufacture products that positively contribute to healthy environments, Encore has completed testing for Indoor Air Quality certification, achieving SCS Indoor Advantage Gold for the majority of Encore products.

By attaining SCS Indoor Advantage Gold certification, we not only meet the criteria of BIFMA M-7.1 and X-7.1 (low-emitting office furniture systems and seating) but also the LEED-Commercial Interiors EQ 4.5 credit for Indoor Air Quality of office furniture. In addition, our customers and affiliates gain the added assurance that Encore’s product offering is held to such rigorous standards.

We will continue to strive towards developing products that positively contribute to healthy environments, as well as set new benchmarks for making sustainable improvements in all areas of our business. A representative example of other in-force measures Encore employs to support intelligent environmental policies include:

  • Ensure product life-cycle longevity and non-obsolescence via the design, engineering, and manufacturing processes and subsequent product refurbishment and re-use potential.
  • Design products, and/or re-engineer existing to maximize the use and or re-use of recycled and/or recyclable components and sub-parts.
  • Specify, and utilize ‘engineered pre-cut’ foam, which eliminates virtually all on-site scrap foam waste.
  • Increase the use of recyclable materials as appropriate for all general office, marketing, manufacturing, and shipping applications.
  • Eliminate use of any non-recyclable packaging materials.
  • Utilize alternative shipping methods such as ‘blanket wrapped delivery’ whenever possible as well as consolidate freight to reduce overall fossil fuel consumption and carbon emissions.
  • Minimize the generation of, recycle, and/or ensure the proper disposal of all office-generated waste materials.
  • Contract for the external use of scrap leather cutting remnants.
  • Donate outdated product marketing and collateral materials to college and university design programs for educational purposes.

We are committed to being a leader in the practical application of current and future technologies that will protect our environment today, and for future generations to come.

Environmental Practices (pdf)