Designed by Claudio Bellini

Redefine meeting spaces with a simplicity and refinement that only Cromo can bring. Multipurpose tables flip-up and nest with ease for smooth transitions within and between rooms, while fixed base models cater to traditional demands with a polished flair. Add power technology and further discover how Cromo maximizes functionality and convenience.

Available 4th Quarter 2024


Designed by Chris and Jon Panichella

Geometric precision meets handsome design elements in Outset, a table collection brimming with understated charm. Its minimalist metal frame is counterbalanced by a structured round top offered in a spectrum of materials and finish options, ensuring a captivating presence whether as a focal point or as part of a larger cohesive design.

Available August 1st 2024


Designed by Gemma Bernal

With convenient stacking capabilities, base options that include glides or casters, and a wall-saver leg, Pepa thrives in training, meeting and breakroom applications. Yet, its pleasing profile also crafts a tidy silhouette that’s equally at home in sophisticated environments of every sort.

Available 3rd Quarter 2024


Designed by Claudio Bellini

Inspired by the delicate bloom of a flower, Plumeya features soft, pillowy shapes that prove to be as comfortable as they appear. Comprised of guest, lounge and conference chairs, each offered in a variety of base styles for maximum functionality, the collection brings stylish elegance from room to room.

Available 4th Quarter 2024

Sunny kids

Designed by Rainlight

The ultimate companion for little dreamers and big imaginations, Sunny Kids draws upon the same whimsical design and sturdy construction as its adult counterpart, but in a kid-friendly form. From casual playrooms to sophisticated study nooks, creativity and endless adventures are destined to abound.

Available Now


Designed by David Ritch and Mark Saffell of 5D Studio

Engineered for versatility, Trove is rich in design details that also play a purposeful role in its underlying utility. Simply push chairs into one another and watch how the unique passive-nesting function creates a tidy arrangement with zero effort. Add to that a softly curved back and an assortment of base styles, and Trove emerges as a highly sought-after collection that exemplifies its name in both shape and action.

Available 3rd Quarter 2024