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Raising the benchmark in design, comfort and quality, Encore is a leading provider of contemporary options-oriented seating and table products for a host of applications, ranging from corporate offices to educational institutions, hospitality, healthcare facilities and more.


With a focus on flexibility and personalized attention, we strive to provide innovative solutions for ever-changing requirements and deliver outstanding service for our customers every time, offering a standard lead-time of six weeks, an extensive Quick-Ship program, as well as partnerships with some of the most widely recognized textile manufacturers in the industry.


Sharing strong organizational ties to our parent company, Arcadia, we are able to draw upon an established knowledge base of product design, engineering, sales and service, all the while maintaining competitive pricing and a comprehensive warranty on all products.


Encore’s assured manufacturing capability, enduring commitment to new product development and responsive approach to customer service have solidified our reputation as a leader in the contract furniture industry.